Base setup

By default, Solr 4.6.1 will be created with a "default" core, and the minimal configuration shipped in the examples modules. It uses Tomcat7 as server, listening on port 8080.

Configuring cores

You can define as many cores as needed, using the solr_cores variables. The actual configuration for each cores will be fetched from a folder named after the core name, placed under the solr_conf_pathdefined in config.yml, which is relative to your project root.


For an "example" Drupal 7 project using 2 cores, both with search_api_solr: your project config file would contain:

  # Enable Solr
  solr: yes
  # The path is relative to you project root.
  solr_conf_path: ce-vm/solr
    - drupal1
    - anothercore

And you would copy the configuration provided by the module solr-conf/4.x to both "example/ce-vm/solr/drupal1" and "example/ce-vm/solr/anothercore"

After a vagrant provision, the config for them would be: - -